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Sink or Swim?

By Lori Gunther posted 05-07-2020 15:04


While the world has seemingly halted due to COVID-19, our lives continue along the path that we have each chosen to walk.  We are all living virtually and that is taking some getting used to (AND I HAVE BEEN A WORK FROM HOME PROFESSIONAL FOR OVER 10 YEARS!).  Each day I get asked how am I going to “pivot” our business to a virtual platform.  To be honest I am at a loss as to how to take what do into the virtual world and still have the same impact.  Maybe that is because I am a relational person.  I am good in a board room, at a table, standing at a podium and living behind a screen day in and day out is tougher than I thought. 


When I read about people feeling so sad and isolated, I feel helpless.  I like to be a fixer and there isn’t a fix.  When I hear about pain and suffering or loss, what seemed just sad before, now seems unbearable.  The way we used to grieve or how we offer support pre-COVID is now different.  We can’t hug someone or hop on a plane; we can’t help with childcare or simply just be together to offer hope and a sense of togetherness.  There is a very real sense of loss of physical contact that no one is truly talking about. 


Like a lot of people I find myself awake at the wee hours just worrying.  I worry about my kids and what effect this is having on them.  I worry about our communities that seem divided and angry.  I worry about the viability of our business and everyday seems like a rollercoaster.  Put one fire out and another one happens.  Figure out a problem and tomorrow all the problems you think you solved just present themselves in a different way.  We are all treading water in an ocean full of sharks and we can’t see the beach or a raft or even the horizon at times.  


It’s the feeling of helplessness that overwhelms me the most.  And yet my network is growing.  People seem to be more genuine, more real.  I have grown so much closer to people that I barely knew, and since life continues regardless of global circumstances, it seems that we talk more about the things that matter most.  We are in this together.  We are all at home.  There is no FOMO (fear of missing out) happening.  When you call someone, chances are you will get them.  We are collectively supporting each other.


I know we are tired of the unknown, tired of being in front of a computer, tired of treading water in this big ocean.  Take a deep breath. Keep swimming. Focus on what truly fills your cup.  Share the love however you can.